Bleach On Wood Table

If this happens to you dont fret just sand them out and reapply your bleach. Coronavirus can live on the wood furniture and can be transmitted to another person which makes it important to clean and disinfect these surfaces.

How To Bleach Furniture The Easy Way A Well Purposed Woman Bleached Wood Furniture Kitchen Table Wood

Wipe the bleached wood clean with a damp cloth and then neutralize it with a solution of 1 cup of borax dissolved in 1 quart of hot water.

Bleach on wood table. If the wood has oxidized for example cherry darkening oxalic acid may lighten it back to its original color. If you plan to paint the furniture after you have used this bleach solution it is recommended to wash off the remaining solution with hydrochloric acid diluted in water 1 g per 30 ml. To do this mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water in a bowl and apply this mixture using a new paint brush or cleaned out paint brush all over the areas the bleach was applied.

I poured my household bleach into a bucket and used a rag to wipe bleach over the table. I did the whole piece and let it sit for about 20 mins and then put another coat on. Just the stain on it and youll have to sand into the wood to get the stain that the bleach will leave so dont put it on your table its okay to wipe down a table with a cleaning mixture with bleach in it but not straight bleach but anyone stupid enough to do that deserves to ruin their table.

These splotches occurred because I applied the bleach while the table was laying on its side. Use a detailing brush to get into smaller nooks and crannies. If you want to see an actual video of this step by step check out my Instagram stories HERE.

When applying bleach to your wood I would use gloves a mask and safety googles. Apply bleach to your wood. Easy Bleach Wood Furniture Tutorial.

Apply the bleach to your wood using a two-inch paintbrush. Once the piece of furniture is to the desired lightness the bleach needs to neutralized and preventing it at eating away at the wood even further. The types of bleach available at your grocery store have varying degrees of effect on wood furniture.

Treatment with any bleach raises the grain of the wood even when the piece of furniture has already been thoroughly sanded. One of the most useful products in wood finishing that doesnt get a lot of attention is oxalic acid often labeled wood bleach. If your furniture piece is painted your gonna have to strip it off like me.

Once I had the whole thing sanded to my liking I loved the raw wood but it was still slightly orangey to me so I was hoping the bleach would help tone that down. I used this exact product and it worked beautifully. Rinse the wood with clean water and dry it thoroughly.

I worked outside and put on my gloves and poured a little bleach on a clean rag and wiped it on. Its useful for removing black water stains without changing the color of the wood. When applying bleach to the wood make sure to spread a thin even layer.

Household bleach definitely lightens the color of furniture but it doesnt go deep to get out the color of the wood like I needed it to. Affiliate links used throughout this post. I had tried this Savogran wood bleach before and was not impressed.

Disinfect Wood Furniture to Fight the Coronavirus. Common laundry bleach or chlorine will effectively remove stain or dye color from wood but. When mixing your bleach solution make sure to wear goggles gloves and glasses.

Bleach will probably only be successful at cleaning the woods surface but not the entirety of the piece of wood in question. Wood furniture is found in many places used as anything from the kitchen table to an end table in the bedroom. Another way to bleach wood is to soak the wood product in the prepared solution from step 1 and let it stay for about 40 minutes.

Stick around for more insight and we will cover other basics and present some safer less damaging cleaning alternatives you can use to bring your wood back to a nice finish. I knew I could try household bleach as I had done in the past it just doesnt get the color out of the wood as well. Once your homemade wood bleach has dried just reapply your bleach solution and let dry in the sun again.

Wood bleach will work with both water- and oil-based stains. You do not want your bleach to pool on top of the table but just do a nice even swipe of the bleach on your surface.

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