How Do I Refinish A Wood Table

Steps to Refinish a Table. How To Refinish a Wood Table Move the table to a ventilated area like a covered porch or garage where you can work without worrying about the mess.

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The next step regarding how to refinish furniture is to apply a sealant.

How do i refinish a wood table. When youre done stripping the table sand the surface in the direction of the grain to even out any discoloration or irregularities. Furniture made from sturdy wood. How to Refinish a Table By Sanding Start with Low Grit Sandpaper The key to getting good color and coverage with the new stain is to get down to the raw wood.

Many furniture refinishing and revitalizing enthusiasts and experts are against refinishing wooden furniture for fear that it will reduce the pieces monetary value. Use a paint brush to apply an even coat to the wood. A painstaking procedure the repair of any damaged veneer is essential to proper refinishing of the wood veneer furniture.

To refinish a wood table start by coating the table in stripper waiting 15-20 minutes and using a plastic scraper to take the paint or varnish off. Once I strip everything off raw wood Ill go straight for an oil Andrew says. Apply a sealant after the filler before you move on to staining.

However the other camp of furniture restoration hobbyists and pros will argue that refinishing furniture extends the pieces longevity. Sand the table beginning with the coarsest-grit sandpaper 100 grit and sanding in the direction of the wood grain. Select your filler based on the grain and cracks present in your wood furniture.

If your piece of furniture requires a filler to create a smoother effect use it now. Apply your color or stainor better yet no color at all. Strip as much of the old surface off the table as you can.

The spray does let off some fumes so open some windows if you are working inside like I was. Furniture without too many coats of paint. Then apply the new finish by applying a coat of stain.

Step 1 Stripping the Tabletop. I used Citristrip which is less harsh smelling and more environmentally friendly than your traditional paint strippers. I simply sprayed it on and wiped it off.

Also be sure to remove hardware or cover exposed metal with painters tape to avoid damage from the stripper. Your options for staining are limitless. To do this you need to remove all traces of the previous stain and smooth out the damaged surface with a sander.

To strip the furniture without using chemicals use heavy-grit sandpaper. Furniture oils sink in and protect wood beyond the. Air bubbles splits and corner lifts all follow the same basic steps for repairs.

Begin by removing your wooden tabletops old surface whether its made of wax varnish or paint. 1 Our table had an existing wax finish so we had to remove it first by using Mohawks Wax Wash Remover. It took about 4 minutes to clean the entire table.

Furniture with smooth flat faces. For a bubble tape the area with a couple of layers of masking tape and slice the bubble with a craft knife with a 10 blade. Furniture made with fine wood that could be easily damaged particle board or other non-sturdy wood wont do well during the refinishing process.

How to Refinish a Dark Wood Table Strip the paint The first thing you need to do when refinishing a piece of furniture is strip off as much of the old paint as possible using a paint stripper. Taking off layer after layer of paint may not be worth the time it takes. Refinishing is an easy low-cost way to bring out natural beauty in wood furniture and make fine details shine.

Refinish your wooden tabletop to extend your tables life with this guide. After clear coating let your finished piece fully cure in a warm dry well-ventilated area for 24 hours before use.

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